Lunar Client window fully transparent

So when I start Lunar Client (AppImage) normally by running the AppImage, it works fine but doesn’t detect my dedicated GPU. To solve this, I started using prime-run to start it but now the “Before Launch” window is transparent. I can still launch the actual client by making out the buttons with my cursor, but it would be nice to be able to launch it with a visible gui.
What it’s supposed to look like: visiblelc
What it looks like: invisiblelc

Have you tried lunar-client in the AUR (Arch User Repository)?

So I just tried lunar-client from the AUR (it still doesn’t detect the dedicated GPU) and put prime-run in front of the command to launch it (prime-run env DESKTOPINTEGRATION=false /usr/bin/lunarclient --no-sandbox %U) and now I’m getting a black screen:

That’s probably related to your window compositor and this issue

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