LUKS Error after latest major update Manjaro KDE

During LUKS boot I get:

“error: no such cryptodisk found , perhaps a needed disk or cryptodisk module is not loaded.
Press any key to continue …”

But it boots up normally after that, whether I press a key or not.

What’s going on here? Is there a need to do anything? My (LUKS enabled) Manjaro is installed to a USB disk. Hard Disk on PC is a Windows disk but I guess it plays no role since I boot through USB when I start (LUKS) Manjaro


Have you tried following the update announcement wiki, or the forum search?

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I could not understand those posts. But thanks.

I can boot. Booting is not the issue. The issue is the error message that I posted previously, it pops up during boot, but boot proceeds normally.

Possible solution:
How about if I remove # from the following in grub.cfg?
The # is there on its own, should it be there? Is this causing the error?

Uncomment to enable booting from LUKS encrypted devices


Removing the # from the above and updating grub.cfg and rebooting removed the error message during boot and everything is normal now.

But you did understood them, because …

… was mentioned in the second link from For more details: on … the arch forum discussion.

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