LUKS encrypted system stuck at boot

  • Thunderbird was behaving strange, system does not recognize any USB-drives.
  • Closed Thunderbird, restarted fromconsole got (for the first time) “Segmentation fault”
  • Reboot … stock for 10 min at shutting down => switched the system off
  • Restart … found ~20 bad disk entries and was set to auto-repair
  • Continued booting, but then got stuck at :
[OK] Finished Rebuild Dynamic Linker Cache.
    Starting Cryptograpgy Setup for luks-dff56...
    Starting Create Volatile Files and Directories

Running here for ~ 30 min now with high CPU load (as I can hear from my laptop fan) …
What now ? :frowning:

  • Switching off the laptop after 1h
  • let it cool down for 2h
  • reboot
  • working through the boot process fine

Looks like I have to check if SSD or mainboard has a thermal problem

It is difficult to deduct - but an encrypted system stuck like this could be a disk failure.

I would try booting using a live USB - check if I could unlock the volume - if success backup important data to external medium - then run fsck … see where it takes me

yes, disc or disc controller :grimacing: