LTS RT Kernels - Where?

I’ve just built a new Manjaro system with Cinnamon after transitioning away from KDE - I’ve been trying to install a Real-Time kernel as well as the main one. I’m running 6.1 as the top LTS and I’ve installed 5.15 as a backup.

The only RT kernel options I seem to have in the list, either via the GUI or by calling mhwd-kernel --install are linux62-rt and linux63-rt. I don’t really want to go bleeding edge, and was looking for linux61-rt (or failing that linux60-rt) but they aren’t available.

There don’t seem to be any LTS marked RT kernels. I had an older one installed before. Is there any way to get hold of the older kernels or do they disappear completely once they reach end of support?

My issues with using 62 or 63 are twofold - Firstly, risking a more bleeding edge kernel and secondly that the RT then becomes my bootloader default which, as I’d need the RT kernel only rarely, is… annoying.

From latest stable update announcement

And from latest testing update announcement

As you can see the 6.2 EOL kernel is still available in stable but was dropped completely in testing branch. That gives users time to get prepared, switch to a supported kernel.

To access Grub Menu? OK … understandable, yet you will only be able to install available kernels aka the supported ones.

That’s my bad. One of the rt-Kernels is intended to be the current LTS and the other one the latest available.
I will therefor re-add linux61-rt (LTS) and linux63-rt is in the process of being replaced with the new linux64-rt …
Stay tuned! :wink:


Much love @oberon

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linux61-rt is now in repos. You can install it as soon as your mirror has synced.

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