$LS_COLORS in tty

I was configuring dir_colors for my taste and after all I wanted to test it in tty also. And figure out that it doesn’t work there, because echo $LS_COLORS returning empty. Otherwise in graphical mode (KDE) works good. I have customized bashrc pretty much maybe settings should be there?

For some reason can’t find answer over internet.

Why not? What did you search for and what did you find?

AOL Keyword tty $LS_COLORS

A couple suggestions:

  • man 5 dir_colors
  • echo $TERM
  • less -p 'dircolors' /etc/skel/.bashrc
  • temporarily use set -x in .bashrc to debug
  • make sure to export
  • if empty, assign it
  • dircolors invocation (GNU Coreutils)

they all related to just terminals.


why I should export when man says it is exporting with eval dircolors <file name>