Lrelease absent in qt6-tools?

In qt5-tools there is lrelease version 5.15.13
Where is the version for qt6? It seems qt6-tools don’t come with it or am i missing something?

So they’ve fixed it NixOS. Great for them, what about Manjaro though?

not sure on what branch you are. if you need the newest stuff then you should switch to unstable/testing branch while stable is always a little bit behind.

Are you telling me that testing branch has no such problem and you have newer version of lrelease? Can you confirm that by doing ls /usr/bin/lrelease* you’ll see qt6 version in there?

i’m still on qt5 and i have no reason to switch to qt6.

If the problem exists, it is more likely to be addressed in Unstable/Testing; that being the case, you would need to wait for any possible fix to finally reach Stable.

I believe this is basically what @Olli was attempting to have you understand.

Perhaps this is relevant:

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According to pamac, there’s no lrelease-qt6 and the current version is provided by qt5-tools. (Unstable branch)

On my system lrelease exist owned by qt6-tools - only the qt5 version is in the path though

 $ pamac search -f --no-aur lrelease
/usr/bin/lrelease is owned by qt5-tools
/usr/bin/lrelease-pro is owned by qt5-tools
/usr/bin/lrelease-pro-qt5 is owned by qt5-tools
/usr/bin/lrelease-qt5 is owned by qt5-tools
/usr/lib/qt/mkspecs/features/lrelease.prf is owned by qt5-base
/usr/share/doc/qt6/qtlinguist/linguist-lrelease.html is owned by qt6-doc
/usr/share/doc/qt6/qtlinguist/qtlinguist-cmake-qt-add-lrelease.html is owned by qt6-doc
/usr/lib/qt6/bin/lrelease is owned by qt6-tools
/usr/lib/qt6/lrelease-pro is owned by qt6-tools
/usr/lib/qt6/mkspecs/features/lrelease.prf is owned by qt6-base
/usr/share/qtcreator/externaltools/lrelease.xml is owned by qtcreator

Thank you! Manjaro should have a symlink for it as well.
designer6 also has no *.desktop file.

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