Low priority question about a new Manjaro Installation

I’ve been using Manjaro Linux KDE Plasma for a couple of months now and I really like it. I’ve been using it on a smaller 120gb ssd and today I decided to install it on a blank 1tb m.2. After doing a disk wipe install I couldn’t find my Windows installation. I can see it in gparted but the bios can’t. Did I mess up the boot record? I also have a raid 0 on two other hard drives that hold my steam games that Windows manages and that Manjaro can’t seem to mount correctly.

Hard Drive Configuration.

1tb Samsung SSD - Windows 10
1tb Samsung SSD - New Manjaro Installation

120 SSD Kingston - Old Manjaro Installation
120 SSD Kingston - Not Used

1tb WD Blue HDD
1tb WD Blue HDD Raid 0 - Steam Games

4tb WD Red HDD - Backups