Lots of issues with KDE Connect ever since I started with Manjaro

I really like KDE Connect, and before I made the switch from Pop_OS (using GSConnect) to Manjaro it never failed me when I needed it. But ever since I switched to Manjaro I am facing a lot of issues with it, from connection issues (my phone “not being connected” even though I’m in the same network as my PC and only reconnecting after I restart the system), to delayed clipboard sync and specially, and the main issue I need to solve, file sharing.

If I need to send a file from my phone to my PC everything works great, but if it’s the opposite, oh man… First, if I send the file, nothing happens until I open the file selection again, only then the file starts being shared and I receive the notification. But that’s not even all. If I need to send another file later, when I open the file selection again the file I sent earlier is sent again and I still need to do the whole “ritual” in order to send what I actually want to send.

I actually don’t know if it’s a problem with KDE Connect itself or some part of its integration with the system.

I may be wrong in this, but using KDE connect, I find that the phone must not be locked. Make sure your on your home screen. I don’t have a android phone anymore so I can’t give you step by step. I do remember having to open the file manager as admin and then click on the phones directories and I could copy a file from my PC to my phone.

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I used to use kde connect when I used kde and those issues were always there. It doesn’t have anything to do with manjaro - they just package the source code as it comes in from kde. I moved away from kde because of a still outstanding bug in kwin (3 years now. It’s been so long I’ve actually forgotten what it is, but it was a deal breaker back then).
I’ve been using manjaro gnome since then and found that gsconnect kicks butt! It is far more reliable and doesn’t need the phone to be unlocked.

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