Lots of error report when reboot [dual system laptop]

I am using a ASUS ROG Zephyrus M16 Laptop with dual system (win11 and manjaro)

Everytime I reboot my laptop (for example I want switch to windows from manjaro for gaming) lots of error infos will show on reboot display like this

My BIOS is already up to date… What can I do to solve this? Thx

BTW, is there some exam I should pass to upload a pic?

I am now a trusted user, so I upload a photo to make it more clear.

You need to become a trusted member of the forum to be able to post links or media …

Are fast boot and that Fast Startup in Windows disabled?

I’ve checked, fast boot in windows is enabled and in BIOS fastboot is also enabled

Disable both and see if booting in Manjaro is less flooded with warnings/error logs …

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still there, but I found my Windows Boot Option and Ubuntu Boot Option merged as one… weird, maybe that’s the real problem?