Lost sonobus connection with jack

Hi, newbie in manjaro. I am using pipewire for a while now with sonobus. Everything was working fine till i made an update on 2023-08-30. The problem is in sonobus, i cannot select the input anymore. Seems that there was an update in pipewire that is causing the problem. If anyone can help, tell me what commands you need to understand my system.

The AUR package sonobus was updated last time on 2023-01-18, there is probably a dependency not compatible anymore, wait until the maintainer update the AUR package or use the Snap Package or move on to alternatives.

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Thanks Wollie,

meanwhile, i compiles directly latest from sonobus recomended git. Did not solve my problem. Will wait for sonobus to be updated in the AUR. hopefully this will resolve my problem. Luckilly i did a timeshift before doing the update. Will just do a rollback from my version before the 2023-08-30 update.

Pipewire released a bugfix for issues related to JACK replacement service 3 days ago

0.3.79 Β· PipeWire / pipewire Β· GitLab

Fix a regression in JACK port registration that could cause all kinds of JACK problems. (#3485)

Latest version of PipeWire packages have only been released to Unstable branch at the moment