Lost package-pinebookpro?

I had to fix a really hosed SD card, tried to update to
It is not there any more
Why this version? AFAIK this is the last version that can do s3 sleep
More specifically lots of others can sleep, but NOT wake
So, you have to do a hard power-off and reboot,
not very usefull

linux-pinebookpro package is still in the repo, but it’s stuck at version 5.7.19, since that’s where the patches used was still working.

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no, I had a vt boot, re-installed individual packages as required
AFAIK, later kernels CANNOT do s3, on a SBC, s3 is not so important,
but it is on a laptop
Perhaps the patchs referred to are for usbC ->video?

No, the patches in question, was “badly coded” suspend drivers from Rockchip, that has never made it’s way into mainline kernel.

Well, badly coded or not, it works and gives quite good battery life
The sound chip does need a “poke”,reload, maybe that is what you mean?