Lost my /root/boot but still have my /boot

Hi - did something very silly today. I have a working KDE setup on ARM but today I plugged a USB drive in which happened to contain an xcfe image.

The result is that my KDE /root/boot file is present but empty, and I still have my /boot partition intact (afaics).

There is a lot on the KDE root which I want to keep and don’t want to overwrite. BACKUP you say - I did, but when I tried to restore from Timeshift I get segmentation faults and failures even when using CLI.

That is another question and a plea for TImeshift to be able to work with some file manager which does allow root access, even if only for use with Timeshift/KDE.

ATM is there any way to restore whatever needs to be restored in my KDE installation to enable me to use it again? GRUB seems to have disappeared and I don’t know if it’s possible to update it from outside.

CTRL-ALT-F3 gives me a TTY which only says ‘starting arch NNN’. TTY1 is a screen with the Manjaro splash and an endless circle …

I can manipulate files in the KDE installation via Kate and Dolphin on xfce. I did try copying the contents of /boot to /root/boot but it didn’t boot. Shoot.

Any help greatly appreciated.