Lost internet connection after supend

Hello everyone. I’ve been a Linux user for a couple years now (still a newbie), and I decided to switch to Manjaro i3 in my new laptop. The problem is that I’m getting an annoying bug with the internet connection: every time I suspend the computer, the internet connection is lost.

I know there are other posts in the forum about similar problems, but not exactly the same as mine: in my case, when I right-click the internet icon on the bottom right corner, the “enable wi-fi” button is blocked, and I’m unable to turn it on or off. Also, the internet settings menu doesn’t find any available wi-fi.

This is the first time I write a post in this forum, so please let me know what information about the system should I post. By the way, I tried and had the same problem with other Manjaro editions, like Xfce, so I guess it has to do with my laptop drivers.

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Hi @jaime, and welcome!

While I quite probably won’t be able to help you sort this out (I know and accept my limitations) I can point you to this so long: How to provide good information It’ll help give others trying to help the neccessary information.

Hope you manage!


You can make use of a systemd unit, to restart the wifi service after suspend. Check the archived forum for that, as there are plenty of examples, and depending on your wifi model you will have to adopt one in particular: