Lost hamburger in Dolphin

I have looked and could not find any information on how to get the hamburger on the right in Dolphin. I somehow deleted it or disabled it. Any suggestions?

Right click on the toolbar to access Toolbar Settings, select Configure Toolbars, and move the C̶o̶m̶p̶a̶c̶t̶ Open Menu item from Available Actions to Current Actions. Make sure you apply/OK the change before closing:

Edit: I just realised that the missing hamburger menu may also be caused by you having the full menu showing, so if Open Menu is already in the current actions but not displaying, try pressing Ctrl-M with the main Dolphin window focused to hide the full menu & revert to the hamburger menu.

Edit 2: Corrected from “Compact” to “Open Menu”

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Not sure what the Compact View has to do with the Hamburger menu that’s normally there when one has the Menubar hidden. Rather you have Icon, Compact, Detail, or View in place of them they have nothing to do with the Hamburger menu that I’m aware of. I did look for it earlier and I saw nothing that looked remotely like it would be the Hamburger menu. I just had a look for anything about it missing and not finding anything. Unless someone else here has an idea of what is happening I’d suggest asking on the KDE forum.

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The item is called “open menu”, not “compact”.

But OP can also mean the whole menu bar is gone, that has happened to me and is a bit tricky to get back, you have to find a spot, where the rightclick shows the option “Main toolbar”. Click that and then rightclick at the same position and also click “Lock toolbar positions” to never have it happen again.


I’ll blame my poor eyesight & having just woken up. My icon theme clearly has fairly similar icons for compact (which I thought of as “compact menu”) & open menu. I’ll edit my earlier reply.

Thanks for pointing out “Open Menu”. When I checked I looked in the left pane and not the right pane. I forgot that once added to the right pane it’s removed from the left pane.


OK, it was there already but didn’t show up whether I had the main menu bar visible or not. I had to move it to the bottom in the order before it would show. Thank you.


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