Lost + Find Folder

Just now I created two partition with ext4 as file system. but I don’t know why I am able to see lost+found folder there which is occupying almost 5gb of disk space.

May I know why it is?
or what should I do or should I leave like this only.

The folder is just that - an empty folder.
It’s a feature of the ext4 (and ext2 and ext3) filesystem - in case of an unsuccessful check of the disk, this is where the errors and unrecoverable data goes
It will be recreated if you delete it.

and no, it does NOT take up space! - not 5GB, not any amount

the ext filesystem, by default, reserves 5% of the available space for the super user
only root can use all of the space

you can adapt that to a more sensible amount through
tune2fs -m 1 /dev/sdXy
for instance
man tune2fs
for more info

Yeah I though as if it take space by what we can’t store that much amount of data exceeding the limit.
Mm, I was wrong… yeah I checked and found the size of lost+found folder was in KB…

yeah thanks for fixing my doubt as I was thinking something else when I saw both partition to be filled with something in though I didn’t had even touch them.

Thanks for reply.

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