Lost Dualboot manjaro and windows

I installed Windows 10 pro, then Manjaro by this tutorial. Both of them have been working well for 2 months. Then, I noticed that my dualboot menu stopped showing and I boot only in Windows without choosing OS. Boot Manager shows me only Windows. BIOS does this as well. Maybe someone knows what has happened and what do I have to do?

I haven’t installed anything last few days, at least I don’t remember the important stuff, just usual work. My manjaro installer from USB shows me that I have Manjaro on my SSD. I know that it’s better to show some tech stuff before pull the question, but I haven’t got any access to Manjaro. My laptop: Lenovo 330s-15ARR Ryzen 3


I am guessing that a Windows update has caused this to happen. The most sure-fire way to avoid this is to have separate EFI partitions for each OS, but if you want to avoid re-partitioning you could try:

  1. From Windows, run cmd.exe as Administrator
  2. Enter: bcdedit /set {bootmgr} path \EFI\manjaro\grubx64.efi
  3. Restart

Will potentially have to repeat this after some future Windows updates.


I did it, but it didn’t help me. Is there another way to fix this issue except for reinstall Manjaro? I don’t wanna lose my programs there

Ok, you may have a corrupted GRUB. You could follow the steps here on the Manjaro wiki to restore the bootloader (you will need a live installation CD or USB): Restore GRUB Bootloader. You would need to follow the steps for an GPT/EFI system, not the MBR/BIOS steps.

A reinstall should be a very last resort, it is usually possible to restore a GNU/Linux system so don’t give up hope just yet! Please post any output if you have issues so we can try and diagnose. Best of luck.

Now I see why separate EFI partitions make sense. Thank you for this recommendation. I decided to reinstall the whole OS with partition for EFI, swap, root, and home (two last are optional).

Ok great, glad you’re back up and running.