Looking for way to quickly disable keyboard

I had been using a wireless Logitech keyboard I loved, but it died and they don’t make it any more. The closest thing I could find is a wired Logitech 213. Unlike my wireless keyboard, it has no on-off switch. Unfortunately I have a cat that will mess with on my keyboard to get my attentionor sit on it when I am away from the computer.

Does anyone know of a way in KDE to quickly disable/enable a wired keyboard without pulling it’s connection? I was hoping for a widget but couldn’t find one. Thanks!


might be the solution. it’s in the extra repositories.

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Thank you I have installed that but it is not ideal since it requires me to open the cli and type the relevant command all while fighting off my very determined cat. It will work well for times I am leaving my computer unattended though. I wish I had the skills to map that to a widget! Or a key macro…maybe I’ll try to figure that out.Thanks again

you can’t mess with a cat, she will always win :laughing:


Hey I was able to quickly map this program to a key combo using the systemsettings-shortcuts in KDE. So now it works just as I need it too! Thank you, marking as solved!

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i’m convinced cat will figure out the shortcut very soon :joy:


No doubt! :rofl:

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