Looking for the cartoony XFCE wallpaper with the hills on the bottom

I want to use it with my Gnome desktop, but I can’t find it anywhere.

Thanks in advance

Maybe you could be more descriptive?

I think at some point Matchama was included … in which I did use a pixel wallpaper with hills…

Do you mean these?

It was kinda like construction paper like the paper Mario games and had hills and the manjaro logo. That’s all I got, sorry.

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Maybe Qogir?

No, it was really just like construction paper. Thanks for trying.
I can just download the iso and find it tonight. I just hoped someone would know it instantly. My memory sucks, so my description is trash. It’s a really cool wallpaper though.

Well, when you do nab it post it here so I can know what youre talking about :laughing:

Will do…

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