Looking for MoBro/AIDA64 remote monitoring alternatives

So I am looking to use a raspberry pi with a 7 inch screen as a remote hardware monitor. Exactly the same as you can do with both AIDA64 and MoBro in Windows. I have attempted to use Conky and a vnc connection, but it sets it up as a separate monitor which would work fine if the system didn’t drop open folders into that screen when the system goes to sleep and the vnc client on the raz pi doesn’t always reconnect forcing me to reboot.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

This was moved to Arm/Technical assistance, but the question I’m asking is about using a raz pi as a monitoring screen for a non-Arm PC.


I use krfb and krdc (both kde software) with Manjaro ARM and Manjaro desktop. So far it works.
KRDC to control the ARM devices with the laptop, KRFB to share the ARM devices desktop .
For windows OS I use Ultravnc, Desktop Sharing and client application.