Looking for Linux software to update smart watch / fitness bracelet via Bluetooth (FOSS FitPro alternative)

A while ago I got myself a basic smart watch, today I found a super cheap M6 bracelet and decided to get one of those too. There’s just one thing I hate about them: They all come with Bluetooth and often require connecting to an Android or Apple phone even for basic things like setting the time, instead of being standalone devices to the extent I’d prefer. On my Android phone I had to download an app called Fit Pro, which gets the job done but I hate having to rely on it.

All of my PC’s and laptops use Linux (Manjaro, KDE Plasma) and they support Bluetooth either by default or for my desktop through an USB dongle. I’d much rather configure them from my PC than having to go through a phone, and could have more uses for those devices if I can have them work with my PC even if that only makes my watch / band sync while in the same room.

As such I’d like to know: Is there any FOSS Linux application similar to Android’s FitPro? I just need something that sends the same signals to interface with those watches through Bluetooth, such as to sync the time and why not for designing and updating faces or adding / removing apps and more? It would be interesting if even something CLI based like a Python script works, I can work with it from a console and maybe design my own scripts if it’s not overly complicated.

The only thing I know of is Gadgetbridge. I don’t know what you have so you’ll have to see if it’s supported or not.

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The only gui app that has remotely anything to do with BLE that i know is toolblex
Probably your best bet will be to reverse engineer/sniff the packets with wireshark and than broadcast them with some script using hcitool or gatttool. A similar reverse engineering project from a couple of years ago:

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