Looking for Application to Convert FLAC to MP3 to put on Android Storage

My old music player on Windows (MusicBee) had a way where it could sync music files to a storage device (in this case android phone) and convert lossless files to mp3 as it was syncing.

I’m trying to use SoundKonverter to do this, however the moment I hit start, it locks up.

Is there a better application for this?

Try winff or qwinff from AUR, or find out more ways from Convert FLAC to MP3 - ArchWiki

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I just use a bash script that pulls the tags from the FLAC then pipes the FLAC into lame.

Nothing that I know of from the top of my head does this under Linux, but as the previous replies have shared, there is plenty of software (GUI and command-line) to convert multimedia files.

If it’s imperative that the software can convert audio while it syncs to your Android device, you might want to look into the different offerings of media/music players, such as Strawberry, Clementine, RhythmBox, and etc. (There’s a lot of option, and some even have additional plugins you can add.)

freac is available from the AUR.

pamac build freac


I tried to use Rhythmbox to sync but I kept getting an MTP error.

I’ll just have to resort to the convert then transfer through the file manager.

I don’t know about syncing, buy you can mass convert using Audacity. Here is one video showing how How to: Converting Multiple Audio Files in Audacity - FLAC to MP3 w/ Annotations - YouTube

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