Looking for an offline translator

Hello dears,

I would like to know which and why in your opinion is the best translator in the world linux.
I’m talking about a translator that allows you to do free translations even if professional, and that is local, so if I have the computer in a park and I’m without internet, I would like to be able to work on a document from the translator directly in the pc without having to use hotspots or other similar devilries.

Do you know one that’s worth a try and that does a really efficient and quality translation?

Not a bad article here:

Didn’t test them myself.
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Yes really not a bad article, very nice for the report.

In my opinion the best alternatives are these:

OmegaT seems the most recommended choice from the article

Swordfish but it is on payment after finishing the trial version.

Deepl but it needs to be connected to the central server, so this too is beyond the necessary requests.

Translatium tested, nothing special more needs remote connection

Crow Translate seems another interesting

If we consider the non-internet connection, and the best translation quality (two non-negotiable parameters), which of all these translators seems the best to you?

I use OmegaT in my translation projects and I can recommend it as a CAT tool. But it is not machine translation software. It just helps human translators to do their job more effectively.

EDIT. I’m not sure if there is any free machine translation tool of decent quality without Internet connection.

Ok, even if I didn’t understand if a CAT completely translates a text or corrects the errors of a text already produced.

You translate the text, and computer does routine tasks.
You can read about CAT here

Understood, as I assumed he is simply an assistant, there are certain languages that I need to master even if I don’t know them so that others can read certain files even if they don’t know the languages in which I write, or to make it easier for them to read.