Looking for an equivalent to MS wordpad(+safe to uninstall libreoffice?)

when i installed Manjaro i chose libreoffice,but i rarely use any of it’s function and all i need is something similar to MS wordpad where i can quickly write or paste some text and save.
Libreoffice is a to big suite for my needs(updating etc.)and it’s to slow to open(i can see the loading bar).
is Abiword what I’m looking for,or is it kate which already comes in my KDE install?(i think kate has a hard time displaying correctly docs made with other software).

also,is it safe to uninstall Libreoffice-still?i see there are many dependencies,and i don’t want to break things in my installation.

That is what an editor like Kate is for.

I don’t think so.
It’s for plain text files.
If you talk about documents, as in .doc or .docx
then a simple editor like Kate is not the tool for the job.
For simply working with plain text, it is.

You can try Abiword - but it is not as feature complete (AFAIK).

and yes, you can remove libreoffice if you don’t need/use it


mousepad works for me.

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You can safely remove libre office.

The question is - what do you want to read/edit?

Does it have to be installed to your computer?

If not then Apple, Google and Microsoft has online products - which can be used at the cost of your identity.

Abiword is as simple as it gets - but it if your requirements are simpler then a basic texteditor will often do.

If you are looking towards something that reads and writes microsoft offfice formats you should test the package onlyoffice-desktopeditors - this is good as it gets without selling your identity (OnlyOffice is AGPL licensed).

sudo pacman -Syu onlyoffice-desktopeditors

thank you
i removed Libreoffice and see if Kate is sufficient, and if not I’ll probably go with Abiword.
glad i saved some space on my hard-disk and unnecessary large updates.
i think next install i go with the minimal installation in Manjaro architect,as i have many software i don’t use.

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No need to wait for a re-install -
you can remove any software that you don’t need as well - if you are a bit careful.
I know that that probably doesn’t mean much to you -
but “pamac”, the program that you use to install/remove/update software
should safely take care of it.
It will warn and ask you should you try to remove stuff that is needed by other programs.
But, there really isn’t very much to be gained, disk space wise, after libreoffice is gone.
… perhaps gimp, if it is installed and you don’t use it
or browsers that you don’t use …