Looking for a simple softphone


One thing I am really missing under Manjaro is a working and simple softphone like, for example, Phoner Lite on Windows.

Linphone is in AUR, but doesn’t compile and I cannot figure out what’s wrong. And Linphone, when I used it the last time on Ubuntu or something, was way too bloated for my taste. (But I’d put up with it if there’s no other option.)

I’d just like a simple softphone which I can connect to my FritzBox router.

Any ideas?


Any google search for SIP on linux will reveal a couple of applications like

  • xTen Lite.
  • Firefly.
  • WildIX.
  • Twinkle.
  • Ekiga.
  • iaxComm.
  • CuteCom.
  • ZoIPER.
  • Linphone.
  • Empathy.
  • Pidgin.
  • Blink.

Some do not support echo cancel, some do not support Jingle, some are freeware, some simply do not work … etc … Might want to take a look into this wiki Asterisk - ArchWiki and probably best with your FritzBox will be that and Linphone.

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Do you have any experience which one of these integrates best into Gnome 40?

AFAIK empathy is GNOME’s standard messaging software. I guess I’ll try this first.


linphone and ekiga are known to work

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Yup, I’m trying the Linphone-Appimage package from AUR now, all other packages seem to be broken.