Looking for a relatively lightweight music library program

I’m looking for something like iTunes version 5, where you have a relatively simple list, but also the ability to filter by genre, artist, etc. iTunes did this really well in the old days, before it got so insanely bloated.

I found a few decently good music players/organizers, but I haven’t been able to find one with that kind of simple filter UI. It’s hard to describe it well, and I can’t find good pictures of it online. It was a drop-down on the main iTunes screen, and there aren’t a ton of screenshots of it. It was easier to use than trying to find your desired artist/album in the long list.

The best screenshot I was able to locate is:

is (dot) gd (slash) HL4eYP

Full (obfsucated) URL for those who are skittish about URL shorteners:

www (dot) blogcdn (dot) com (slash) www (dot) tuaw (dot) com (slash) media (slash) 2006 (slash) 09 (slash) itunes6 (dot) jpg

You know… you can just type out the whole link without doing that…

Have you tried out Clementine music player?

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For player/organizer and other things, I like Clementine or Tauon.

For good quality cover albuns and photos for artist/band I use FanartTV.

I’m just gonna go the other way and say cmus because its glorious.

But what you are describing sounds … sadly … a bit like rhythmbox.
(…I cant get my partner off of it either)
Close to that … but QT and more minimal … is qoob.

And if you want an uncluttered-but-abit-like-winamp sort of modular player then deadbeef is great.

Clementine for me. I have all my music stored in google drive and Clementine can stream straight from there. Lots of options

My understanding is that I don’t have permissions to post links. I haven’t tried it though.

Clementine works pretty well, although at 218MiB of RAM, I wouldn’t quite call it lightweight.
BUT, the organization is decent. I’ll try it for a while. :slight_smile:

If you don’t have permissions to do so, it’d pop up. But you’re currently a TL1 (Trust Level 1, Basic), so you can post links.

Tauon seemed a bit too minimalistic to me, but I’m trying Clementine out again.

You can also look up and try these for fun :slight_smile:


Is rhythmbox defunct/deprecated? It actually has the browse/filter mode I was hoping to find.

Wow, that’s gonna keep me busy for a while :slight_smile:


No … theres technically nothing wrong with it.
Just feels a bit stale to me (too heavy for my tastes…but not actually all that heavy), and its GTK
(which isnt a big deal … but on a QT desktop I kinda try to favor QT apps)

Looks like it’s been getting some updates still

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I do try to favor QT and lightweight apps as much as possible, even on XFCE.

I’ll try out qoob

I like cmus, but I can’t get used to it. I want to like it, because it’s clean, light, and terminaly. But… My brain looks for iTunes :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want lightweight then mpd + ncmpcpp is great, and I think ncmpcpp can do everything you’re describing. But if cmus is too terminal-y for you then you probably wouldn’t like it.

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Memory usage comparison:

	Program		KiB RAM used	
	---			---	
	audacious	75284	
	rhythmbox	208376	
	clementine	254820	
	banshee		146604	
	qoob		134368	
	cmus		24848	:grin:

ah yes … shoulda mentioned audacios … check deadbeef … probably sits in between that and cmus.

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I do love a good terminal app, but when I’m at work, my mind is in a different mode, and I just expect things to be visual.

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