Long delay on KDE-entry, and on starting dolphin, or Krunner

Since nearly one week, I have some trouble with slow booting KDE.

If I restart my PC, it boots up fast till the login-screen.
After entering the credentials, it enter the WM and starts loading… I see the wallpaper (even if screens are switched [I have a dual-screen setup… left screen is right and opposite]). During this some Programms start (means… Linphone, Discord… and other apps (e.g. those who are not closed before last shutdown)… BUT the Plasma-Kicker keep on loading (stay’s invisible)

Till kicker is visible it takes round about 1,5 Minutes.

Even after this loading, I notice some delays.
If I press ALT+F2 (to open KRunner), the input-field show up immediately, but isn’t responsible for round about 20 - 30 Seconds. Same on starting Dolphin… I see the border of the Window, but it takes 20-30 Seconds to really load.

I wonder what the cause of this may be. Which logs can I check to find out what’s wrongs

I would suggest not starting with a saved session, because everything that Plasma has to autostart will be hogging up the CPU and taking CPU cycles away that Plasma itself needs for its initialization.

The second thing is that you probably won’t find anything meaningful in the logs about what is hogging your CPU when you log in — which is why it takes so long, i.e. something is getting stuck in the CPU. The best way of checking this would be through ksysguard or htop. Once you can identify the stuck process, it will become easier to troubleshoot this.

The third advice I will give you is that if you use baloo, have it index only the files but not their content. This can significantly influence the Plasma starting time.

One thing you could also try is create a second user account and see whether it exhibits the same symptoms. If it doesn’t, then the cause is to be found in your ~/.config, ~/.local/share and/or ~/.cache directories.

This gets my vote cause I currently have Garuda, Xero, and Big installed and want to add Manjaro. On all three I’ve noticed of late Discord, Telegram, Dolphin, and Stacer startup on their assigned desktops but it’s about a minute before I get the default panel and docks. Personally I think it’s something in Plasma itself causing the delay.

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Well, there was a race condition in kactivitymanager upon initializing the desktop, but the update to Plasma 5.27.9 is said to have fixed that.

Either way, always make sure that your system is up to date — this is aimed more at @rethus than at yourself, of course, because you’ve been around these parts for a while already and you know the ropes. :wink:

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There must be some app that can be set to start just prior to the desktop to monitor what’s loading and how long it’s taking to load.

I’ve switched years ago to manjaro exactly of this: The Rolling-Release.

So I don’t know how am I would be able to not to be up-to-date.

My current version is

Ok, I could try to start htop at another TTY, and afterwards start KDE to see if I can find any process which eat up all the performance.

I frequently visit this forum and I can assure you that there are many users who don’t regularly update their system. Just because it’s a rolling-release doesn’t mean the updates are automatically applied.

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Nor should they be. That’s a MicroSOUR thing and breaks systems.

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I’d created now a new Profile and login at it.
There is also a delay after bootup. Not as long as in my current profile, but much to long compared to earlier days where anything runs smooth.

That brings us back to having htop or something similar enough running at a tty to tell you what’s hogging the CPUs. And if you’re on wireless, then it may be that it’s trying to get a connection going from within your user account.

(Note: it’s called an account. “Profile” is Windows speak.)

I’ve done htop on tty3 and found nothing obvious that fully block the cpu.
BTW: I’ve logged in as root… or should I better do the HTOP with the same user as I’ll login with?

Ok, that’s strange.
Following happend:

  1. I’ve logged out and re-login with Wayland, which was way faster (seems not to have any issues with login-delay)
  2. I’ve logged out, and re-login with X11 again … was faster as before
  3. I’ve fully reboot the PC 2 Times… now at any login, it act’s much faster as before

Could the delay be caused of some sessions that are saved and got huge in any way… and that the short switch to wayland flush this cache?!?

I’m not an expert and I have no experience with Wayland, but yes, I guess it’s possible. :man_shrugging:

Ok, and it’s not :frowning:

I thought… ok, let’s change the settings in Manjaro to start always with a new … clean session.
Then I’ve done a reboot (go for a coffe… so that the login-screen stay for a couple of minutes untouched).

I’ve logged in, and … again a huge Login-Delay.

Well, if Wayland works better, then maybe you should make the switch. :man_shrugging:

Wayland don’t work well for me. I often use flameshot for screenshots. And Screenshots don’t work on wayland with two screens.

An the other hand, I’ve noticed, if I press Alt+F2 for the KRunner, it also have the delay it has on x11.
Those I often also have if open dolphin.

I assume there is anything in the background what is the cause for those delays… but I can’t find what it is.

Have you checked… :point_down:

journalctl -b


Here is the result of this command. It contains the whole boot-process till login:

Looks like you have a hardware failure going on. Your log is filled with dozens of repeated errors like this one below… :point_down:

Nov 29 15:07:43 secondone kernel: sd 6:0:0:0: [sdc] Read Capacity(10) failed: Result: hostbyte=DID_OK driverbyte=DRIVER_OK
Nov 29 15:07:43 secondone kernel: sd 6:0:0:0: [sdc] Sense Key : Unit Attention [current] 
Nov 29 15:07:43 secondone kernel: sd 6:0:0:0: [sdc] Add. Sense: Not ready to ready change, medium may have changed
Nov 29 15:07:51 secondone kernel: ..not responding...

The timestamps of those particular errors also clearly indicate that this failure is the cause of the delays. So, whatever /dev/sdc is, it’s da b0rk3n. :man_shrugging:


OK that certainly could explain the delay I get. I know my Ryzen 5 3600 is damaged :sob: :cry: :crying_cat_face:. Still works but I see error messages during boot sometimes that seem to have to do with one or more damaged core. Luckily I just bought a 5700x to replace it. Just waiting to get a new mobo to go with it to be on the safe side.