Lomiri couldn't start after update

Just a feedback but it would be nice if I can fix this without reflashing.

I was trying Lomiri and decided to update to see how much will improve. After the reboot it stuck at these errors:

[   0.723494] SMCCC: SOC_ID: ARCH_SOC_ID(0) returned error: ffffffffffffffff
[   0.925813] phy id_det change to device
[   7.103665] debugfs: File 'Playback' in directory 'dapm' already present!
[   7.110564] debugfs: File 'Capture' in directory 'dapm' already present!
[ 26.866363] modem-power serial1-0: AT command 'AT+QCFG="fast/poweroff"' returned ERROR

and endless musb-sunxi errors.

Also, somehow I couldn’t set timezone and clock wasn’t working as indicator.

There was another open topic for the same.
Please follow on that.

Thank you for reporting.

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