Logitech Powerplay mouse suddenly not working after re-syncing on Windows

My system is partitioned with Windows 10, and the Kernal is 5.10.x (which I think is the minimum kernal that supports powerplay) - originally when I got the Logitech G Pro X Superlight mouse with a Powerplay mousepad it didn’t work with my distro at the time, Linux Mint, because the kernal was out of date, it worked out of the box with Manjaro.

Recently, when trying to fix an unrelated issue (updating the firmware of a dongle, the mouse and powerplay firmware had been updated prior and still worked on Manjaro) I unpaired and paired my mouse to the powerplay pad, and since then it refused to work in Linux.

What I have tried is:
Unpairing/repairing again
Unplugging and replugging powerplay
Unpairing and Repairing on Manjaro using Solaar (with a wired mouse)
Uninstalling solaar
Live booting another Arch based Distro (EndevourOS - Kernal 5.15)
Deleting any relevant files in /dev/ and rebooting in TTY (contents of /dev/usb/ and hid devices, I may not have found the relevant one) also deleted the /dev/cat/ file that matched powerplays usb id

What I suspect is Linux is holding on to a previous instance of the pair, and not the current one, although in theory, a live boot should fix this unless it is influenced by installed Linux oses.

I’m not sure what to do at this point since there is no real difference in how my system was before and after the mouse stopped working - still fine in Windows.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help.

Have you already looked after udev-rules ?
/etc/udev …

I hadn’t thought to look there and have done so now, but there are only the default directories and config file so nothing is out of place there.

I did find 42-logitech-unifying (or similar) in lib/udev created by solaar, nothing out of place there either.

In my case this was the place (inside the files) where some things where persisted. There may be a UID of your device …
It helps to look for the last modified date of the files.

The only files I found in etc/udev was the template file and a snapd config file (in a subdirectory), I did get the UID of my device though, as well as what dev file it is (hidraw3) - not sure about the mouse itself though.

I might see if reinstalling helps (rather than just livebooting), the problem is even if that works I have to be careful to never unpair the mouse on windows - before that though I’ll fully unpair in both windows and Linux (if it’s somehow stored seperately) and unplug/replug for good measure.

On the Manjaro install it seemed Solaar couldn’t get permission even if the powerplay pad was unplugged and replugged, so in the end I reinstalled.
The manjaro iso didn’t seem to work so I used EndevourOS instead, the mouse still didn’t work, but since solaar could get permission I decided to unpair and then repair on windows (since that’s how I initially had it working - didn’t work on Mint, synced on windows and I later installed Manjaro).

But now windows ate Grub (after I installed Linux, created a new boot partition, repaired windows with bcdboot, updated grub and went back to windows), so I’ll have to check if I made any progress later on once I revive Grub.

It Seems GRUB was still there, my BIOS just had too many entries.
Anyway, unpairing on both Windows and Linux didn’t work.

I found a bit more info with

dmesg | grep logitech

The output I got was

logitech djreciever [idnumber] unusable device type UNKNOWN (0x11) on slot 1

I got a similar error on Linux Mint, the solution back then was using a newer kernal (5.8 or later), which is why I originally switched to Manjaro, so I don’t think that’s the issue this time.

Also, excuse any missing details on outputs, I’m using my Windows side to post so I’m going on what I remember seeing.

Updating to kernal 5.17.1 has resolved the issue, as the patchwork patch for powerplay was mainlined.

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