Logitech mx vertical bug on pamac gui and double left click not working

I’m experiencing some trouble with my new logitech mx vertical mouse on manjaro. On pamac gui left click is not firing any button action.

Also when I double click on the browser to select a text line is not working.

I’ve installed piper but it can’t read this device. So I suppose something is not working well.

Previous installing piper I installed solaar, I dont know If it left some trash…

Yes but I’ve been using a logitech m185 with no problem using this GUI and no problem when trying to select a full line on some text on browser

That’s weird. I dont have a clue what might be the issue… :thinking:

I’ve connected via usb cable and the same happens. I just connect to my girlfriend windows 10 PC and happens the same. Left click on windows search menu does not oppens any app. Its quite weird. Maybe is a problem of this device. I bought on amazon warehouse (second hand)

Something is wrong on this mouse. I’ve been trying double left click and it’s not working… I’m going to give back to amazon and get a new one

Yeah looks like that mouse got caught in a mousetrap.

I tried left handed configuration and it works perfect. Something is wrong on left button… It’s a pitty… Thanks for the help @chomsky

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