Logitech MX Master 3 mouse

I want to move from linux mint to manjaro because is more lighter and also i tryed it on VM and is more fast updated.

I have a question if this distro support this mouse gestures and their drivers.
There is any way to set it?
Thanks a lot

If it works there it will work here.
If it needs special drivers or special configuration there, it will need the very same here.

You are in the fortunate situation to have a fully working setup - and can analyze what was done there to make your mouse work as you expect.
Therefore you don’t need to jump in blind and try to figure out things from scratch here.

Make note of these things - the configuration is likely exactly identical, when special drivers are needed, they may be called by slightly different names here - but can easily be identified.

If it works there it will work here.

You make it sound complicated - it likely isn’t. :sunglasses: