Logitech Mouse and Bluetooth

I am using the latest version Manjaro KDE Plasma.
I have a Logitech Anywhere 2S mouse, this has no dongle, but connects to the computer’s bluetooth. It can connect to 3 different pc’s. No problems with using it in Windows, or Linux distros.

With Manjaro KDE Plasma I can make the pairing and connection perfectly. I use my mouse without hinderence.

My problem is this…
I shutdown the pc and next day restart it in Manjaro. No mouse. My touchpad works well.
I goto bluetooth settings and my mouse is paired but no connection. I click on connect and get the error message “Connection Failed: Software caused connection abort”
I have also made the mouse a trusted device.
If I remove my mouse and refind it, re-pair it, reconnect it, then I can use it, until I shutdown my pc again.

Keeping my pc (laptop) running all the time is not a solution.
Any ideas?

It appears that this distro is NOT saving my mouse config for reuse on next boot.

I have the same issue with kernel 5.9 it seems to be a bug. If you are using 5.9 my guess is that you wont have an issue with 5.4 or 5.8



My S2 scroll was not working. Thanks for the link. I used:
sudo systemctl restart bluetooth

as arch wiki suggested, all is working now and after reboot as well. Many thanks