Logitech M705 mouse scrolling issue

Hi there, thx for your awesome work!
After applying this update I have an issue with the way my scroll works. I use Logitech m705 mice, its scroll has a predefined skip and now if I scroll one level up or one level down there is no reaction, kinda inertness; to make it work I need to scroll two levels up or down and then, it moves content within applications but that first move is a bit longer than the next ones. It’s a bit frustrating while zooming pics in gimp because I can’t precisely calibrate picture / canva size.
I hope you understand it because it’s hard to explain :wink:
Anyone faced similiar behaviour and knows how to solve it?
PS. I use gnome.

I’m having the same problem as you, also with the m705. I tried a different mouse, it works without any problems. Only difference is that I’m on kde plasma.
I hope somebody knows a solution for this😄

Yea, I still haven’t found a solution for that but it seems it’s a purely configuration thing as it works flawlessly on manjaro booted from usb and on a fresh install as well.