Logitech M331 Kind of just stopped working after I hit a button on my laptop

The mouse was working fine forever. I just did a fresh install of Manjaro XFCE, the most recent stable build from a torrent. I checked the sum and it was fine before burning to thumb drive with belana etcher. I wanted to make my screen brighter and was pressing F2 to F6 to get the sound to get louder and the screen to get brighter. I haven’t used my laptop in a while and yeah there’s the fn key for a reason. Quite the durrrrrrrr moment. I’m kind of stumped as to what made the mouse turn off. Sure the mouse could be dead but this happened right when I was pressing these buttons and I don’t feel like this was just a random coincidental mouse death. When I switch the mouse on (it has a switch) and it turns on and the light on the top of the mouse is green and then just turns off after about 7 seconds. It’s still on but it just doesn’t do anything. I even replaced the battery. I’ll test another mouse on the laptop but this is just really odd. Is there a way to disable the mouse with some keys being pressed or is my mouse dead?

There are many options, it depends on your laptop. Some have FN keys to turn off the mouse, touchpad, or turn on airplane mode which might disable bluetooth.

You could just test pressing the same buttons one at a time and see what happens .

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I have no idea what I pressed and figuring it out is going to take several years at least. When I do it with the live install it just works so I’ll reinstall just to use my mouse again. This is really odd. I have no idea what I did to anger the laptop but I had no idea that there was buttons to press to just disable your mouse.

My logitech M331 doesn’t work now and not even a corded mouse works.

Sounds like you turned off the USB ports, somehow. No I don’t know how, but that’s what I gather.

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I have no idea what brand of laptop you are using, but on my ASUS laptop I have to press the following key combinations to:

Fn + F2 = turn airplane mode on/off
Fn + F5 = decrease the screen brightness
Fn + F6 = increase the screen brightness
Fn + F11 = decrease the volume level
Fn + F12 = increase the volume level

Please also check the settings under System Preferences > Mouse and Touchpad > Devices. At the top, to the right of “Device” you should see a drop-down menu, and to the right of that an on/off switch. Which devices are listed there, and which of them are turned on or off?