Logitech H340 USB headset not playing, not showing in PulseAudio, is showing in advanced settings

This issue has been noted elsewhere:


It shows in devices:

I downloaded solaar but it doesn’t show.

As another related issue, I plug in my earphones and it doesn’t record sound.

solaar can only detect some Logitech USB wired headsets

suggest you try moving headset to a USB 2.0 socket (EHCI)
it may work better without any conflict with devices sharing USB 3.0 controller (XHCI)

please post system information

inxi -Fazy

and Pulseaudio card information

pacmd list-cards

It’s difficult for me to test this issue, because my boss doesn’t want me to spend too much time trying to fix Linux issues at work, so I’d have to bring the headset home to test.

However, I am now having another issue with a Logitech C270 webcam on my desktop. (The other issue is occurring on my laptop.) I will post in another thread.