Logitech F710 gamepad - triggers are not working in pressure sensitive mode

Recently I’ve bought gamepad Logitech F710. I’ve started playing Dirt 2.0 and noticed that triggers are working in 0 or 100% mode (I can accelerate 0 or 100%, cannot do e.g 50%) which in my opinion is pretty strange. I don’t know how it looks like on Windows but I have confirmation that these triggers are pressure sensitive. Anyone noticed same strange behaviour? How to fix it? I’m using xpad kernel driver, switched for a while to xboxdrv but it was the same. Any ideas? Kernel: 5.9.3-1

Tried to NOT install customization module in the kernel? like a DEFAULT Manjaro installation? What happens? Also did you try the 5.4LTS kernel?

For example very long time ago you needed some customization for the Xbox controller to work properly, this is not the case since long time. Your controller is probably properly working without these additional kernel modules. I can see this controller is part of the game-devices-udev package rules so I guess it is working out of the box if you do not use such kernel modules (why did you install these modules initially?)

Anyone got the F710 work with Manjaro? I have a working F310 on stock Manjaro and yesterday got a new F710, but it refuses to pair on two different Manjaro PCs. It does show up as a “Xbox 360 Controller” in Steam when I plug in the usb wire-less dongle, but the connection between the controller itself and the dongle is never established.