Logitech Cordless keyboard won't work until after Login

I have a Logitech MX Keys Mini Keyboard that is working fine while in Manjaro. However, whenever I reboot, the keyboard won't work until after login. It's a blue-tooth setup, could that be the problem?

Yes, that could be the problem.

I have lost count to how many problems I have with BT in Linux in general, is it the controller buggy by chance? Everything else works wonderful, except the Bluetooth. From game pads, ecouteurs, and now keyboards also. I know this is a rant from my part, but I’m just tired to try to solve this.

BlueZ should now defaults to AutoEnable=true, but just in case, check your /etc/bluetooth/main.conf, section Policy and see if AutoEnable is set to false. You can comment out, delete the line or change false to true then restart the bluetooth service. That should allow bluetooth connection in SDDM login screen.

Thanks. Auto enable is on. No change.

If you have AutoEnable=true set in /etc/bluetooth/main.conf, try either deleting that line completely, commenting it out (with a #) or, if the setting is uncommented (and thus active), add spaces to each side of the equals sign:

AutoEnable = true

It worked on another Arch-based distro a couple of years ago (although, now that Bluez defaults to “true”, the fix may be redundant). However, having the policy enabled without the spaces might be causing the problem.