Logitech Bolt Receiver in GRUB not working / what happened to hwdetect

I’ currently trying to get my Logitech keyxboard working with GRUB. It comes with a Bolt receiver. My current setup uses a keyboard with a Unifying receiver working without problems. In the past issues with the Unifying receiver could be remedied editing /etc/mkinitcpio.conf with ‘MODULES=“hid-logitech-hidpp”’

What I really like to find out is whether this is the same MODDULE for my Bolt receiver as for the Unifying receiver. I am trying to get the name using ‘hwdetect’ but I can’t find the package anywhere.

Adding a module to mkinitcpio.conf won’t make it available in grub because the initcpio is loaded after grub.

hwdetect has been replaced with hwinfo - which is installed as a dependency for mhwd.

Thank you for your reply. Did I misunderstand the point 3.5 in the Arch Wiki under Logitech Unifying Receiver

The Bolt receiver does not seem to work in BIOS/EFI either - so steer clear of it for those use cases. Seems to only work in a fully booted environment - unlike the Unifying one.

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