Loginctl lock-session fails to lock and gives no error

This is the only place I felt this fits since my original install was the KDE Plasma image and then I added Qtile. Please let me know if there is any other information I need to provide.

Primary Goal:
To get lock and logout to work correctly for Rofi with Power Menu (GitHub - jluttine/rofi-power-menu: Configurable power menu mode for Rofi and dmenu) in my Qtile (Wayland) setup. Eventually want to setup auto-lock for Qtile, also.

What I know/think I know:
After getting the power menu working with rofi as described on the link, I realized 1) the session never auto-locks and 2) the ‘lockscreen’ option fails to do anything. The config for rofi has the lockscreen option run loginctl lock-session ${XDG_SESSION_ID}. I tried without the {} and with them including the $ with the same results. Following another post, I checked the command in the terminal.
loginctl list-sessions shows me my session ID is 13 and
echo ${XDG_SESSION_ID} gives me 13 but even
loginctl lock-session ${XDG_SESSION_ID} or loginctl lock-session 13` seems to do nothing in the terminal.

I tried lock-sessions instead since there was a thread with that as a suggestion. It requested I authenticate, but resulted in the same outcome.

I think it is a KDE Plasma related issue because journalctl shows errors like “Failed to start Xdg Desktop Portal For KDE.” around the times I am trying to lock.

I am not sure if this is relevant, but I am signing in with whatever the default lock screen is for KDE Plasma with the drop down in the bottom left. It has the options of Qtile (Wayland)/KDE Plasma (X11)/Qtile.

It isn’t difficult to replace the session manager temporarily. If it works with a different session manager, then the problem lies elsewhere.