Login to Sway without mouse

I’m running Manjaro on my RPI 4. In order to log in, I need to connect both the keyboard and mouse. Without the mouse, the username field is in fact can’t be selected. Once connected to the mouse, the username field becomes selectable.

Do you have any idea how can it work without the mouse?

Have you tried with SHIFT+TAB to go back through elements?

Yes I did

Hmm this is wired. I just did a cold boot of the Pinebook Pro this morning and recognized

  • the user name field is selected by default
  • I could easiliy use the TAB button to switch the focus between the available input controls

What you could do:

  • check the sway config in /etc/greetd and instead of include /etc/sway/inputs/* just do a include /etc/sway/inputs/default-keyboard
    and see if this helps (it practically disabled the mouse input device for the greeter session).

Unfortunately it did not work either. In this moment my raspberry pi has the keyboard connected to it and no mouse and I cannot access it anyhow even after applying your recommendation,

Interesting thing. When the keyboard is disconnected AND the mouse is connected the field username is selectable. This smells like a bug somewhere in greetd