Login Sound on MATE desktop


I’d like to know how to properly enable a login sound on Manjaro Linux, on the MATE desktop environment, thanks.

Honestly I don’t know, I turn off stuff like that. There’s a “sound theme” in Sound and Video → Sound, that’s what I turn off, not sure if it has a login sound or how to change it.

In “Startup Applications”, you could set a command to play a file when you login. Use any media player that can be used from the command line, eg mpv, vlc, play etc.

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Well, I tried. I guess I’ll just be okay with having it come on silent then. Or use the Ubuntu Login Sound (it will likely require canberra to be there, which I didn’t think I found on Manjaro so far.)

If you only want login sound rather than all sound notifications, try this command in terminal to play login sound

/usr/bin/paplay /usr/share/sounds/freedesktop/stereo/service-login.oga

If that works it can be added to Startup Applications Preferences