Login Screen No Longer Has "Show Password" Icon In Password Form Text Box

…For both Breath and Deepin themes. so I assume it’s unrelated to the sddm theme…


Probably it is be impossible to understand probable source of problem if you will not provide basic info about your configuration, besides others, including:
-) update branch you use
-) are your system is up-to-date (no more updates available?) and are you tried to restart your system after last update
-) desktop environment you use

It’s the SDDM longin screen…Isn’t that desktop-environment agnostic? Also I updated everything (w/restart) this morning; no idea what is meant by branch&mdashI thought Manjaro was already a branch of Arch…

I think was a decision to remove it some time ago

So, if you use Breeze then inside /usr/share/sddm/themes/breeze/Login.qml there is

revealPasswordButtonShown: false // Disabled whilst SDDM does not have the breeze icon set loaded

Same with the new Breath2
Only Breath still has that set to true

Will talk with the team about it and see if there is something we can do …

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Can Breath be installed with Breath2?

Yes, both can be installed at the same time.

Yes and no. In theory, a display manager ─ i.e. what you refer to as the login screen ─ would be desktop-agnostic, but sddm is developed by KDE and is optimized for desktop environments that use the qt5 widget toolkit. And that means either KDE Plasma or Deepin.

Manjaro is a GNU/Linux distribution based upon Arch, but it is not Arch, and as an organization, Manjaro is a completely separate entity from Arch, just as Sabayon is a completely separate entity from Gentoo, as Mageia is a completely separate entity from OpenMandriva (which in turn is a completely separate entity from RedHat), and as Ubuntu and Mint are completely separate entities from Debian.

When we’re inquiring as to what branch you are on, then we are asking you whether you are running Manjaro Stable, Testing or Unstable.

What branch is “Pahvo 21.1.0?”

That’s not a branch either but a release name and meaningless on a rolling distro.

To check your branch use:

$ pacman-mirrors -G

Also see


Yes I’m on stable branch