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When I resume from ‘Hibernate’ the distro starts up without requesting a password.
How can I password-protect this?
Logging out does not, I think, make the distro hibernate, but I am ready to be corrected.

Thanks for any advice.

There should normally be a setting for enabling the screen locker upon resuming from suspend/hibernation. The screen locker can be set up to require a password to unlock.


I can lock the screen on its own, and unlock with a password.
But I did not find a way of using the screen locker in conjunction with hibernate/suspend.
Hibernate works perfectly - the machine switches off - but when I resume it opens without requesting a password. Not so good. :disappointed:

Well, I don’t know MATE, but is there no option “Lock screen on resume”? :thinking:

gsettings set org.mate.power-manager lock-suspend true

but it should be enabled by default. For me it always locks when I suspend.

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Thanks. Will check again tomorrow.

‘Lock screen when screensaver is active’ fixed this.

Thanks for help.

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