Login password no longer works in main account - does work in new account

After the update, I can no longer log in with my normal account (GUI + TTY).
The password authentication fails, but the password is spelled correctly.

I can log in to the root account and the newly created test account.

DE: Gnome

Can you log in as root on tty and change the password of the account you want to use to log in and does this enable you to log in with said account?

Thank you Hanzel

Even with the new password the login was not possible.

Things to try/do:
Login as root via tty. follow the journal: journalctl --follow > log
Login as the user with this behavior via another tty, post the specific error you receive and the part of the log that seems relevant, the output of the journal is in the file log in the root home folder.

This should give some more insight into what is wrong and maybe the log explains what is wrong so you can fix it, please post the solution in that case, this helps all other users with this situation.

Do you update /etc/shells file with system update?
If yes, please login with superuser account and check this file.
It must contain your user shell (zsh)

# Pathnames of valid login shells.
# See shells(5) for details.


Add your login shell to this file, reboot and see if you can login.


Thanks for the help Hanzel and scorpp13.

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