Login page does not appear, and the system opens without the user login page appearing

I use Manjaro KDI Plasma.
I have a problem when I open the system, the login page does not appear for me, and the system opens without the user login page appearing.
How can I solve this problem without losing my data

You probably have autologin enabled. Open up System Settings and navigate to…

Workspace → Startup and Shutdown → Login Screen (SDDM)

Click on the Behavior button at the bottom. Disable automatic login. Then click Apply.

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I’m guessing you set the system to Auto Login, when you installed.

If that is the case I suggest you open the System Settings App and Navigate to ‘Startup amd Shutdown’ → 'Login Screen’and change the Login options.

‘System Setting’ → ‘Startup and Shutdown’ → ‘Login Screen’ click the ‘Behaviour’ button at the bottom left of the of the screen, that appears, uncheck the option ‘Automatically log in’ then click the ‘Apply’ button at the bottom right of the window.

If it is something else, we are going to need a whole bunch more information about your system.

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where ?

Login Screen (SDDM), right at the top in the left hand column.


Thank you verry much :heart_eyes:

You have deactivated automatic registration
But this message appears when the system is opened

Please see


Thank you very very very much :heart_eyes:

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