Login loop problem with lightdm on xfce

I am stuck at login screen every time I try to log with my password. I can log with the “root” user, but not with my default username (I got infinity loop). I tried this:
but doesn’t work. I can use tty also. I will be glad for help

you may have more than 1 authority file, check with:
find /etc/X11/ -name "*.conf"

I got:


ups, wrong command …:
find $HOME/ -name ".Xauthority"

Just some actions to help you troubleshoot:

  • Logon to a tty as root
  • Review the journal and lightdm logs (journalctl -b, /var/log/lightdm/)
  • Check that you are not out of space (df)
  • Check the ownership of your HOME directory (ls -l /home)
  • Check if any files in your HOME directory are not owned by you (find /home/USERID -not -user USERID )
    or owned by root (find /home/USERID -user root )
  • Create a new user to see if it works

This topic might provide some ideas.

I have only this file:


After deleting and try to login the file creates himself again

Check that you are not out of space (df)

This was the problem. Thanks for all your answers

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