Login failed/Setting fingerprint on Thinkpad x200s

Hi everybody!

I am absolute newbie on Linux in general and have some questions.
After I close the lid laptop goes into sleep mode, witch I like but after i open the lid I can not log in again. I do not have password at all but when I click login it says that I password is incorrect/login failed. I am not sure why, after reboot I can login as normal.

Also, I would like to set up fingerprint login, is that possible?

I am not really great in working in terminal yet so have that in mind if you got some instructions for me.
Is there any place where I can find step by step tutorials on problems like this?

Thanks a lot!

You need to have a password.

I left the blank box so when I log in i just click on the login button and I can enter the Desktop. I hope that makes sense

This is called suspend btw.

Are you sure you don’t have a password at all for your user? It tells you to make one upon installation of Manjaro.

Are you even able to use sudo without a password? If so, that would be extremely insecure letting anything run and install anything on your system.

Thanks for reply!

Kinda sure, Manjaro offered me to set up the password but i just left it blank so now when system asks for password i just leave it blank and click on login and it works.
Not sure about the sudo… Did not tried to use those commands yet… (absolute noob here)

Thanks for this links, I will try them out!