Locked out of Sway

Hi. Sway is running here on the Raspberry Pi 4. However when I am absent from the keyboard for a while or switch the monitor to another desktop, I am unable to get back in. This occurs when the Pi is unused for a while. Hitting the escape button brings up a small screen saver image of a circle in the middle of the screen. I can still get to another virtual workspace, but am unable to find a key combination or sway desktop magic to let me back in. Any ideas on this problem?

DId you try just typing in your password on the ‘lock’ screen?

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Yup sounds like the lockscreen (guess swaylock) indeed.
Just put in your password and it should work again.

If you don’t want a lock screen you could comment the swaylock line in the config. Do not remove only comment with an # in front of the line

Thanks all. Yes typing in the user password does unlock sway. It is unusual doing this on a blank screen but it works. Will look into the config file and see if I can manipulate the lock screen or turn it off.