Locked out of Manjaro KDE after installing NVidia GPU drivers

I was locked out of my Manjaro after installing the NVidia GPU drivers. I can get to the login screen but once I login it only shows a big KDE logo and the mouse and doesn’t do anything. Its a Lenovo T440P with the GT-730M I think. It comes up as a GK-3 something. I tried a live boot to do a manjaro-chroot -a command but that won’t work either because my drive is passworded with LUKS and won’t unlock. How can I fix this ? I can use esc to get to GRUB but I am not sure of how to change the boot flags to remove any nvidia drivers if that’s the issue.

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You need to open the encrypted container before you can access it. Assuming that your container is /dev/sda2:point_down:

sudo su -
cryptsetup open /dev/sda2 root
mount /dev/mapper/root /mnt
manjaro-chroot -a /mnt

If you’re using Wayland, then that is to be expected. Wayland doesn’t like the proprietary Nvidia drivers.

Once logged in via the chroot, uninstall the Nvidia drivers with mhwd. However, if you can boot to a tty on the installed system — just press Ctrl+Alt+F3 at the GUI login screen — and log in there, then you don’t need to chroot from the live system. You can then easily remove the offending drivers from the command line.

sudo mhwd -r pci name-of-the-driver

After that, reboot… :point_down:

sudo systemctl reboot

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How exactly did you do that? If you chose the proprietary drivers during install, you already had them installed.

It does not work… I can boot grub though… How can i do this from grub ?

I don’t know how to access TTY… Pressing the key combination instructed does not work.

TTY assumes the system is booted already.

If it cannot boot move on to runlevel 3.

(which will have it boot without gfx … likely then being able to boot into the console prompt)

Show me how ? As I said before: I can get it to the login screen then it hangs after logging in.

So … that is finished booting, and that would be an example I would expect TTY to work.

I dont understand how it would not… but the instructions for booting into runlevel 3 are there too.

If for some reason you cant do that either … then the other option is chroot, which can be done easily with manjaro-chroot if you dont have fancy filesystems like btrfs or encryption.

Ok cool… I booted into TTY… Now what ?

I did sudo mhwd -r nvidia bumblebee but now the OS won’t boot at all…

Whatever it is you need to do.

How did you ‘install the nvidia driver’ before?

mhwd -li would show us anything mhwd knows about.

EDIT. looks like you went ahead…

That is not a valid command.

But … now you cant boot at all? Not even to runlevel 3?

No it gets stuck on the backlight intel_backlight

You might be able to try the fallback options … otherwise manual chroot might be the only reasonable way.

mhwd -li shows video-linux type pci and nothing else.

mhwd shows two display controllers. Nvidia and intel. I did mhwd -r video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-390xx-bumblebee and it remoced it but now the linux wont boit at all… Just TTY with the option 3 added.

OK so you can get to runlevel 3. great.

What does mhwd offer?

mhwd -l

I tried: mhwd -i pci video-linux -f … It reinstalled video.linux… Trying now.

Update: i tried startx from tty and it says it cant connect to the x org server…

Update: normal boot shows a black screen now. Thats it.

Mhwd -l shows this: https:// ibb. co/Gt8CMnH

Bah … Manjaro is too difficult to keep working. I need an Linux OS made for programmers and developers. Graphics and software developers. I was trying to get the damn nvidia drivers installed so i coukd play skyrim. Just forget it. Now i lost all of my data. Its so frustrating.

Any other solutions ?

I beg to differ - it depends on how you treat it.

I am a developer - Manjaro Linux is rock solid - but you need to know what you are doing.

If you don’t - use Red Hat, Fedora or Ubuntu.

Yes it is - I developed a set of scripts years back - that has my back when it is necessary to reinstall.

The concept is described in [root tip] [How To] Move my home (content) to another partition

I am trying one more thing first before I switch. Manjaro was phenomenal though. If I can’t get the nvidia drivers to work on this I may need to switch to a different OS. I don’t care for Red Hat Linux after all of the change ups in their kernels in 2005.

You should use X11 instead of Wayland when you want to use Nvidia.

If you are having issues with Nvidia, switching OS will not make those issues go away.

Wayland and Nvidia is not a good match.

You have provided no information on your system - which makes it impossible to provide any meaningful comment - everything will be generic.

So provide some extra clues - please

inxi -SCGmxxxc0

Manjaro Hardware Detection will usually install the correct drivers - in your case this will do it

mhwd -a pci nonfree 0300

Also remember, using custom themes with Plasma may cause you great trouble - it is advised to stay with the default Plasma Breeze or Manjaro Breath theme.

None of that worked… I did a quick reinstall with USB stick and then I installed the nvidia bumblebee driver and it did the same thing… It does not go past the login screen. Maybe it is a kernel issue.