Lock the number of virtual desktops to a 3x3 grid and open all apps on the middle desktop

How can i get a 3x3 virtual desktop grid and have all the apps open on the one in the middle?
I tried just to set manually 3 rows and 3 columns of desktops but some apps open on the 10th desktop and even when i had only the 2 virtual desktops that come on install some apps still opened on the 3rd or 4th desktop.
Is there any was to fix this?

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Well, the only way to do what you’re asking about is to create window rules that start all applications on the middle desktop, which will be desktop 5.

In fact, I think you can even get away with creating only a single rule for all applications, but you’ll probably want to use “apply initially” instead of “force”, or else you won’t be able to move any applications to other desktops.

This is my first time using kde so i don’k know how to use window rules. Can you walk me through?
This is what i’ve got so far.

Well, I don’t know why you’ve selected regular expressions there, but you could try and see what gives.

Maybe just put an asterisk in the field so that it matches all windows. :thinking:

The window rule does not work and it seams that the apps create a new desktop only in full screen mode

Set “window class” to unimportant.


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But do you know why full screen windows create new desktops?

Cannot replicate. All windows open on the selected virtual desktop on my end.

When i full screen my chromium it generates a new desktop and moves me there. This happents with any window



Just a random thought. I don’t know if it’s it or not.

Ensure the window’s dimensions are not bigger then the desktop they should open on.

Sounds like some kind of window rule or something to me. Especially considering mine works :100:

I’m not 100% sure but i still think that my manjaro did this from the start, but i’ll make a new user and see if anything chnages there

Well, I can’t help, because I know I didn’t change anything, and mine works like a :bomb:

Couldn’t find anything relevant other than this script.

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