Location Services doesnt seem to function at all

Manjaro 21.1, Gnome 40.
Location Services is ON in Settings, but it shows “no apps have requested access.”
No apps on my system (gnome weather, chrome google maps, Firefox map websites etc) are able to detect my location any closer than my country.
Eg: when I was in Japan it said Tokyo even though I was 1000’s of km away from there. Now I am in the UK it defaults to London , but I am about 200+ km away.
My other devices work fine on the same wifi, only Manjaro will not locate.

Where should I start with getting it to work?

I don’t use Gnome
but for a lack of an integrated GPS receiver
like in a cellphone
the source for your location will very likely be derived from
and default to
the only thing available:
the IP address (and thus, the location) of your current internet provider - more specifically the IP address of the DNS server you use.

But you can very likely manually set your location - I just don’t know where
as I don’t use Gnome …
… but if you set it manually, it’s not really a service anymore :sunglasses:

This is a good place to start learning how this works for gnome.

For reference, geoclue (with my current ISP) estimates my location at ~500 meters from where I live. It is however in a pond in a graveyard… This is better then the last time I checked, when I was in a city 50 kilometers away.

You can help improve the data and in this way help yourself and others. Now that I found this, I’ll try to help out to :slight_smile:
Edit: seems there is no way to help out anymore :frowning:

Thanks. My mobile phone is the current source of my internet (wifi sharing on the phone)

my Various other devices also use this connection & all can geo-locate.
When I boot this same laptop into another popular Linux distro (also using Gnome) location works for the browsers, software etc. So its specifically my Manjaro instal not working for location .

ahh, I was able to find a workable solution, but it makes no sense.
By turning OFF Location Services, my location can now be found.

Settings > Privacy > Location services
This is perhaps not working or a broken feature? When its ENABLED it acts to block any geo location, but when i turn it OFF my location is very accurately found.

In my other distro with Gnome, location services was OFF, so it was working ok there. This is how I was able to realise the issue.

Actually I was mistaken. Location services ON/OFF seems to have no effect at all, but instead it is when booting initially the location can be detected by google maps, OpenMaps & other location web services, but at some point (perhaps after sleep or lock) any further attempt to detect location wont work until I reboot.
Perhaps it is due to my wi-fi card ~ The card I have uses a git driver (rtw89) & wont be in the kernel till 5.16.
Unfortunately my current remote situation means I cannot test with Ethernet to confirm.

The issue persists. How can my Locations Services be both OFF & ON at the same time?

Just a guess:
one is the permission given to applications to request and then know your location (or not)
the other is the location service (turned off)

… not the same …